Julia's mom's early passing inspired her to become an advisor.

Meet Julia, Orizal’s Financial Services Consultant.

A working mother of 3, Julia manages to somehow balance the needs of her children and family with the hectic work schedule of serving her clients day in, and day out.

🔥Here’s what a typical day looks like for Julia:

😵 Wake up at 6am
😵 Office or meetings at 9 am
😵 3pm fetch children / classes / errands
😵 7pm Meetings or family time
😵 11pm Rinse and repeat

After witnessing her mother become ill from multiple strokes, Julia was forced into the harsh shoes of being an adult when she was just 17.

Her mother was not insured, meaning Julia would have to take care of her sibling, work and support the family; all while growing up herself.

“When I realized that nothing was done to prepare for such an event, I was honestly helpless. It made me realize the importance of proper planning, while we are young and able.”

Julia grew up with a strong sense of conviction about the need to get properly covered, and she’s been helping people around her avoid that painful experience ever since.

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