There’s still time to make a big difference.

A mid-career switch to an Orizal Advisor positions you directly for greater impact to make a difference in your clients’ lives.
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Your opportunity. Your way.

If you’re tired from working endlessly in a dead-end 9-6 without a clear purpose or end goal in sight — our family can help. We’re all in to empower you to define and pursue the things that keep you jumping out of bed in the morning.

First things first

Let’s talk purpose

What is the bigger meaning of what you are doing? More importantly, what do you need to get there? Through casual conversations, we want to know where you want to go, and what we can do to help you get there.
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A better, proven path

Succeed without hard-selling

At Orizal, we don’t believe in hardselling, and neither do we expect you to. You’ll learn a step-by-step method to forge strong, genuine relationships. The kind that people invest in, and reward you forever.
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Always there

Mentors with over 2 decades of experience are always there to help you find success.
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Beyond advisory

Endless nurturing.

Orizal gives you opportunities for growth beyond financial education. Join initiatives for impact, learn various disciplines, and more.
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More reasons to join

What's your motivation?

Rather than jumping straight into selling, Orizal works with you to define the life that you want for yourself, then create a career that can help you get there with us.
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First things first

Let’s talk purpose

What’s the next big step in your career? What fulfils you? What’s your core purpose?

Orizal works with you to define the ideal career that you’re looking to have — and charts out the right roadmap for you to get there.

Whether you’re looking to make positive contributions to the society first before selling, or on a path to becoming a manager and lead your own team, we have a proven path for you to get there.

Case study

Edwina's approach to doing things in advisory is one that is fast-paced, straight to the point, and she seeks to add value to her clients at every step of the way. Orizal empowered her with the necessary training, tools, and guidance she needed to maintain and elevate that level of service.
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Edwina Woo


"Orizal gave me the opportunity and a clear career path which was totally aligned with my aspirations. I love that."

Maurice Ong


“I wanted to provide cutting-edge services to clients. Orizal gave me that.”


Mentors for life

Orizal’s mentors are seasoned experts in the financial solutions industry, having been in the field for more than 30 years. Our mentors are fully committed to your personal and professional growth throughout your time with us.

From tailored learning lessons, to step-by-step advice with case study sharing, you’ll never be left behind to start from scratch in an industry new to you.

Our commitment is to continually invest in you — so you can better serve your clients with us. In short, everyone wins.

Case study

Maurice wanted a modern, cutting-edge way of providing advice to his clients, and Orizal provided just that. Equipping him with the latest insights, tools, and mentorship, Maurice is flying high.
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Proven path

Succeed without hardselling

People today stay away as far as possible from hard selling; and financial planning is no different — even though it’s something that they need.

At Orizal, we don’t use outdated methodologies of hard selling or product pushing, nor expect you to pick up the phone endlessly. Instead, we teach you how to provide value upfront first — adding holistic value to your prospects and steer them to see the value of investing in you. The end result is long-lasting engagements with powerful impact.

Case study

Orizal continually develops advisors with professional training and personal development courses not found anywhere else. Besides that, we help you choose a path of your liking, and tailor our advice to make sure you reach your goals. Simply put, there's nothing out there like it.
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Gloria Lau


“I wanted a way to provide more comprehensive services to my clients. Orizal was that missing link.”

Beyond advisory

Learn things beyond finance

At Orizal, we’re not just number-crunching people. We believe that life is about looking at the whole person.

Beyond figures, we continuously push our advisors to pursue fulfilling lives, striking a balance between wealth, physical, environmental, mental, emotional, interpersonal and professional wellbeing.

When you join Orizal, we don’t just want to turn you into an advisor — we want to turn you into a fulfilled individual.

Case study

Gloria, a seasoned consultant in the industry, wanted new ways, avenues, and knowledge to assist her client better than the typical offerings in the market. Orizal provides a platform that is far greater than sticking to "one channel", opening up a wave of possibilities for her.
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Our belief

Relationships first, solutions later

Advisory is a human-driven business. That means relationships between people come first before anything else.

When you embark on a career with Orizal, you’re choosing to learn the advisory the softer approach way — educating and helping people first — before selling products. The end result is happier clients, long-lasting relationships, and enduring assurance on both parties.

What’s more, our training helps you to make immediate impact you can see in your clients’ lives. It’s more rewarding than a desk job, that’s for sure.

Case study

Annie, also a seasoned financial consultant, had been serving clients for years before she joined Orizal. For her, she wanted a place that could take her further, enabling her to take her relationship with her clients to the next level.
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Annie Lim


“I really felt like this was a place that wanted me to grow, both professionally and personally.”

Meet our family

A family ready to share

The Orizal family consists of unique individuals from all walks of life, united around one common purpose — to build relationships with their clients, and pass their knowledge to you.

More reasons to join

What’s your motivation?

You may have many reasons why you’re considering a career in financial advisory— but here are some more reasons why people like you made the switch and joined us.


A career in advisory gives you absolute flexibility that frees your time up for family, friends and yourself.


Being an advisor puts you on a constant learning path to discover who you truly are, and what you really want.

Financial freedom

A career as an advisor helps you to achieve true financial freedom, allowing you to live on your terms and more.

Family time

If you value your family time (especially your kids), a career as an advisor can free up that time every day.


Apart from clients and your own learning path, an advisory career is less stressful than typical mid-career jobs.

Travel the world

If you’ve always wanted to see the world, but couldn’t leave your job, being an advisor can get you there faster.

Make more

If you think your current job isn’t paying you what you’re worth, a career as an advisor can change that.

Be relevant

As an advisor, you’ll always be relevant in the market. Your expertise isn't affected by retrenchments.

Be recognised

Add value to your clients, and be recognised for the work that you put in. We’re always ready with compliments.

Make an impact

Be the steward of impact as an advisor. See immediate results of your work in lives.


If you’re dedicated to making lives better, the financial industry offers you limitless opportunities to do so.

More than a job

At Orizal, we’re providing a holistic learning experience for you to grow as you earn.

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