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Protect your family, and your home with comprehensive home insurance coverage with Orizal.
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What is home insurance?

A home insurance plan protects your home in the events of fire, water damage or break-ins, and helps you, as much as possible, to restore things back to normal.

Why do I need it?

A home is one of the greatest assets that you have, and also a significant life milestone. A home insurance protects your family and your asset from unnecessary stress and worry in the event of distress.

Who is it useful for?

Private homeowners

Private homeowners are owners of condominiums, landed houses, bungalows, and terraces.
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BTO/HDB homeowners

Built-to-order (BTO) and Housing Development Board flat owners are owners of public housing flats.
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What's covered?

What’s covered in home insurance?

If there’s damage or loss to your home due to unpredictable events, we got your back.

Get 360° protection for your home, to minimise stress, worry and finnancial distress when unfortunate events hit.

When disaster strikes your home (touch wood), and you're covered...

Alternative accomodation

We’ll pay for a place for you to stay while things get sorted.

While your home is being fixed or restored, you need a place to stay. A home insurance policy covers your stay during this duration.
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Household contents

We’ll compensate you for your household contents

In the event that the items in your house are destroyed, a home insurance plan reimburses you for the value cost of those items.
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Landscaping replacement

We’ll replace the landscapes in your home

In the event that the unforeseen event ruins or destroys the landscape in your home, a home insurance policy covers its replacement.
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Medical expenses for insured & spouse

We’ll pay any medical bills for you and your spouse

If the unfortunate event has harmed you or your spouse in anyway, we’ll cover the medical bills arising from that incident for both of you.
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Personal liability

We’ll cover any accidental mishaps

If there’s an accident where something from your home puts you in a position where you have to pay damages, we’ll pay them for you.
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Medical expenses for insured & spouse

We’ll pay any medical bills for you and your spouse

If restoring your home requires renovation (including fixtures and fittings), a home insurance policy will cover the costs for you.
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Valuable items

We’ll insure any valuable items in your home

In the unfortunate event that any valuable items in your home (artworks, precious stones & jewels) go missing. We'll cover you.
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