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Consequential loss insurance

Insure against unforseen business interruptions, and run your business with complete peace of mind.
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What is consequential loss?

Consequential loss insurance covers your business’ loss of gross profit when it’s hit by an interruption, such as fire, explosions, and other related perils. In other words, if your business loses money due to an interruption, we’ve got your back.

Why do I need it?

Interruptions cost money, time and significant stress. With consequential loss insurance, you can protect your assets against a wide range of unforseen events that might put you at risk otherwise.

Who is it useful for?

Small/mid businesses

Startups are under constant stress to grow and perform. Uninsured business interruptions are costly — and could bankrupt the startup.
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Large corporations

Interruptions in large companies are magnified, and downtime is costly. Insuring against unforeseen events is critical to avoid this.
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What's covered?

What’s covered in consequential loss?

If there’s an interruption to your business, we’ve got you covered.

Get 360° protection for your business’ loss of gross profit in the event of an interruption caused by fire, lightning, explosion and other related perils.

Continuing overheads

We’ll sustain your overhead expenses during interruptions.

if you still have overheads running (rent, salaries etc) during the interruption, we’ll pay those overheads for you.
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Declared gross profit

We’ll match your gross profit during these difficult times.

If the interruption affects your gross profit, don’t worry. We’ll reimburse you every single dollar that’s declared for this period of time.
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Extra expenses

We’ll pay any extra fees to restore your business back to normal.

If you need to hire external vendors (like auditors, consultants etc) to accelerate your business’ recovery, we’ll pay their fees.
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Wages / payroll

We’ll pay the salaries of your employees during this period.

If you have employee salaries to pay during these tough times, we’ll pay their salaries for you.
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Consequential loss

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