People-first advisory services begin with strong relationships, care and support, and not numbers on a spreadsheet. Discover the Orizal difference now.

a family, a home

At Orizal, we treat the workplace as home. Everyone's a member of our family.

immense benefits

Beyond standard financial benefits, incentives and rewards, Orizal's initiatives offer advisors much more.

here to help you

With decades of seasoned experience coupled with always-available mentorship and guidance, we're here.

financial steward

Become the financial steward and lead your clients' lives, prepping them for the different phases of life.

Two ways to join.
Same great family.


financial advisor

Become the steward of your client's lives, providing them solutions that cover every possible eventuality.

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general insurance practitioner

Assist your clients with their everyday claims, offering them different solutions for common eventualities in life.

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A place to work, a place to call home.

Orizal was born out of our desire to get back to the basics of advisory — providing financial education to people at our core. Combining years of standardised financial information experience, along with a deep desire to empathise with others, we are redefining what it means to be an advisor.

Relationships before numbers

Education before selling

People before everything

Putting people-first in all we do.

We don't approach financial advisory with typical bottom-line chasing and an obsession with numbers. We want advisors looking to provide solutions that truly help others.

Helping people through their journey in life is more important than profit.

Finance is about enabling people to walk through life.

Different beginnings; same purpose.

Our financial advisors come from all walks of life, but are bound by one common purpose. To serve others, and to put them first in all that we do.

What will your inspiration be?

Wesker's desire to find clarity led him home.

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Peck Cheng's battle with cancer inspired her to help others avoid the same pain.

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Shaun's passion for sports inspired him to want to protect others like him.

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Melvyn's hunger for making a difference inspired him to become an advisor.

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Helmi's dedication to his beliefs inspired him to help others on their journey.

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Caroline's desire to go beyond the 9-5 inspired her to become an advisor.

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Dorine's belief in passing it forward stretches beyond financial advisory.

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Michelle's belief in the power of family inspired her to protect others too.

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Annie's thirst for adventure and family drew her to become an advisor.

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Maurice's desire to help others inspired him on his own journey.

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