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Peck Cheng

Senior Financial Services Consultant

Live a life with passion, so that you know you at least glowed once in your lifetime.

About Peck Cheng

A friend first and an advisor second, Peck Cheng is a seasoned people-first advisor with Orizal. Combining a deep, vivacious passion for helping others and innate attention to detail, Peck Cheng's motto is simple, yet powerful: to pass that passion forward.

What clients say about Peck Cheng

Having experienced Peck Cheng's deeply personal yet professional touch, clients hold Peck Cheng's service standards to high regards. With an emphasis on her trustworthy advice and seasoned expertise in the industry, clients find that they can comfortably walk the journey of life with Peck Cheng.

Peck Cheng is a great friend first before a consultant. Always attentive and concerned about my needs at different stages of my life, I have benefited greatly from her regular consult and guidance over two decades.

She is also extremely patient when explaining the details of prescribed plans and goes the extra mile beyond the call of duty – only a phone call away if I needed any assistance.

Highly meticulous and professional, I have complete trust in her expertise in helping me to plan well for my needs.

Serene Foo
PR Strategist

Could not remember when I got to know Peck Cheng since it has been some years ago. She is very responsive whenever I have any questions and concerns.

Only after understanding my personal profile, needs and investment goals that she suggests any appropriate product to me. With the complexity of the financial products, she is always patient to explain the details without making me feel that she is trying hard to close a deal.

I am delighted to have her as my financial consultant as I feel she is one professional that I can count on. With my own over 40 years of marketing experience, I believe Peck Cheng has much potential to grow in her career wherever she puts her mind on.

Any organisation will find her a credible asset.

Agnes Chan
Marketing Director

Peck Cheng has been my advisor for more than two decades. I find her authentic and helpful. She is able to see from my perspective and enables me to make informed decisions. The trust I have in her continues to be the foundation of our long term relationship.

Serene Loo
Head of Media Relations

Peck Cheng has been working with me on my financial plans for the past one year. She has always been very responsive and knowledgeable in her work. She is empathetic, patient, professional and uphold her ethical standards in her advisory work. She is very experienced and able to deliver her recommendations to me in a manner that I can understand, appreciate and apply.

She is in control of her work and able to set my mind at ease. I feel assured working with her.

Steven Ong
Senior Lecturer

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