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Senior Financial Services Consultant, ChFC®/S, Diploma in Accountancy

Vision without execution is hallucination.

About Michelle

Prioritising your needs and sparked with a desire to assist you in making informed decisions, adhering to your personal needs, Michelle’s approach is meticulous, compassionate and tailored specifically to ensure your financial goals are achieved without worry.

What clients say about Michelle

Exhaustively covering every little detail at every step, clients rely on Michelle's extensive knowledge and experience in financial advisory to help them understand — and prepare for — life's every challenge.

I met Michelle when she was conducting a Roadshow in AMK some 18 years ago. On getting to know her better, my wife and I found her to be professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic to our needs and financial capabilities. She was able to get a handle on our needs and help us navigate our way around what we needed most. There was never any pressure to buy a product simply to close a sale. More than that, Michelle treated us more like a friend than a client. She made us feel that she genuinely cares about everyone’s financial well-being.

The 3 key qualities that makes a good Financial Planner: “Responsive”, “Reliable” and “Customer first”. Michelle possesses it all. She is always there for us whenever we need help on insurance matters, hospital admission, and even claims. Michelle never fails to reply to our text messages and calls promptly – especially when we need advice during an emergency. She’s a responsible insurance planner who truly cares for her customer even after-sales and never hesitate to advise us on financial matters. “Customer first” is having the best interest for customer and her honesty wins our respect and trust.

She takes time to understand our needs and recommend the necessary policies that meet our requirements. We appreciate what Michelle has done for us and we will definitely recommend to our friends and family.

Lakshman Kumar
Senior IT manager

I just want to commend & appreciate Michelle Goh for her exceptional service on all my insurance needs. Ie Medical, Travel, Investment & wealth enhancement policies. She possess indepth n excellent knowledge to get matters resolved quickly n efficiently. Also posses good working attitude and she takes her clients’ need seriously and diligently.

A very personable individual to work with and now she not only my financial advisor and also a truly trusted family friend.

I will highly refer Michelle Goh to all my networking friends as a reliable n trustworthy financial advisor.

Best wishes n thank you Michelle. Keep up the excellent work.

Robert Chwee
Business Consultant

Ever since I met Michelle in the year 2003, she has been advising me on insurance matters and financial planning till today.

I find that Michelle is very experienced and knowledgeable in her field of work. Whenever I approach her, she will immediately respond and will not delay.

I find her to be dedicated, reliable and trustworthy. She has good communication skills and demonstrates good initiatives every time.

Patricia Wee
Law firm Secretary (Middle lady in the photo)

I was introduced to Michelle by my sister, Patricia almost 20 years ago, since then to now I still have confidence to have her advise me on my financial matters.

I find Michelle to be well qualified and very committed to her work. I regard her as someone whom I can trust and will always do what is best for her clients.

Constance Wee
Lady on the right

Michelle is my only financial adviser for 23 years. Whenever I need any form of insurance, be it savings, health, home or travel, she is always there for me.

She is very trustworthy and provides excellent service. Michelle has also made the process of dealing with insurance easy and painless.

When I experienced an accident during a holiday, I was distraught. However, Michelle guided me on exactly what to do, providing me the necessary care and compassion and relieving me of my stress. I am so glad to have Michelle taking care of my financial needs and I would like to share this blessing so others can have a wonderful experience like I have had.

Lwiss Lim

I would like to compliment Michelle for the following:

1) Insightful recommendations when i was intending on getting PA for my child. Noticing that I’m a new mummy, she shared her experience on the increased risk due to new activities while caring for a growing child. I didn’t have a PA before as I’m a low risk taker but I do agreed with her. So, I took up a both PA plans for my child and my personal accident coverage. Thereafter, I had a fall while carrying my child on uneven ground which required ED and specialist follow-up. Thankfully to Michelle I could claim for medical bills as a result of the PA plan. How true and helpful which I appreciate for her insightfulness.

2) Excellent assistance with the claim processes. She patiently provided forms and guided me and my husband for both PA and hospitalization claims. Understanding our preferences on direct reimbursement of claims, she displayed great attentiveness to prompt us on facilitating the change on policy holders on the following year before annual renewal. I can’t help but comment her effective follow-up in the midst of our busy schedules often overlooking our own concerns.

3) Caring service as a lady herself. When hearing of my urgent need of a women’s major surgery, she has given me emotional support to my preference of private doctor. She provided helpful information on estimated co-payment scheme prior to the decision on surgery which allows me to enjoy based on my Restructed Hospitalization Plan. It’s such a relief that I could go ahead with the surgery at my preferred Private hospital with the letter of guarantee. Her caring attitude is most appreciated as my lady agent.

Recently, I sought her recommendations and have no doubt of her best assistance and care for my interest in Life Policy. Michelle is the most attentive, understanding and supportive agent I’ve ever met.

Pamela Lee
Ex Nurse

We were so thankful and joyous that Michelle took over the servicing of me and my twin’ sister’s policies.
She took the liberty and trouble to study whatever policies we had thoroughly and with great responsibility.
Michelle knows her products at her fingertips and she makes it a point to explain them clearly to us. She doesn’t force, she just patiently explains for us to make a decision to purchase the product or not.

Michelle is a gem … she is cheerful, sincere, honest, proactive, knowledgeable, never intimidating and most of all, responsible. She is indeed an asset not only to us but will be so to anyone who comes under her care and charge!

To the organization she works with … you have someone you should be proud of as Michelle is absolutely hardworking, trustworthy and genuine!!

Chi Sisters

Michelle has been the financial advisor with my family for the past 25 years, since I was 10.

We have always trusted her insights and expertise in handling our financial and insurance matters. She’s always readily available over a phone call whenever we have issues, ranging from minor issues like tax matters to more serious matters involving medical insurance matters.

She has shown the same dedication and commitment in helping myself and my family over all this time, and we continue to trust her for years to come.

Chua Ru Hong

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