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Financial Service Manager, ChFC/S , AEPP, MFA

Helping others understand the nitty gritty details; that's what drives me!

About Gavin

Driven by a deep passion for helping others to understand difficult concepts and the technicalities of financial advisory, Gavin's approach is personal, detailed, and helps people understand exactly what is happening behind the scenes at every step.

What clients say about Gavin

Exhaustively covering every little detail at every step, clients rely on Gavin's extensive knowledge and experience in financial advisory to help them understand — and prepare for — life's every challenge.

Gavin is one of the best agents my family and I have had for over 6 years.

He has always response to my requests very promptly.

My family is able to rely on his consistent and sound expert advice.

He is passionate on what he does.

He is patient to explain the doubts that arise in the policy or when making a claim.

He has excellent client service.

Dr Razu

I have known Gavin for 4 years ago when he took over my policy from an incompetent agent. Since then, our family and him become friends. Not only he is very knowledgeable, but also reliable, fast response, accommodating and not pushy.

He also has opened my mind when he first introduced me to life insurance. Since I worked part time, I thought there was no need for me to have life insurance. I thought even though something bad happen to me, there will be no significant changes to our family’s income.

But Gavin explained to me in other point of view. He said that if such case happens, my husband will need to look after me and family. And therefor he might lose part of his income too. We also need to use our savings to finance me. So why don’t transfer the financial burden to insurance? After 1 year plus later, unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer.

Gavin helped to process the claim and the pay-out has been greatly helping us. So, thank you so much Gavin for that! Other than recommending Gavin to our family and friends, we are now also putting our company’s insurances under Gavin. Cheers!

Finance Manager

Since our first policy in 2010, Gavin has been advising and managing our insurance and investment portfolios; and has helped us to attain retirement stability. Gavin is trustworthy, responsible and competent with advice for our financial issues.

Gavin’s extended coverage now includes our children’s insurance policies and investment planning objectives. Thank you, Gavin.

Lena & Eric

Both my hubby & I know Gavin for more than 15 years and he has been our financial consultant/agent on myriad policies which I have with NTUC Income ever since I met him at a roadshow held at my office premises many years back.

We found Gavin to be reliable, trustworthy and hardworking, and we decided to let Gavin take over to represent us. Moving on through the years with him, we have always found him to be an excellent financial consultant, knowledgeable, courteous and professional in the way he presents to us the policies and plans, to ensure that both of us understood them well when we ultimately signed up for the policies.

Gavin provides top notch service with a personal touch. He cares after our family needs and it shows through the service that he provides, helping us with our insurance needs, preparing us on affordable products which comes up through the years.

Most of it is rather long-term and with his help, we could plan for my retirement years with multiple policies which is rather amazing to me now to think of it.

Gavin goes above and beyond his call of duty and on occasions he would help us to put up other insurance claims or recommend us to buy home/car insurance when we checked with him, personal accident plan and even helping us even to put up for Travel insurance claim when I had a fall in Turkey.

He takes care of things in timely, conscientious manner and is one of the best that I have come across. I would surely recommend him to everyone I know well.

Thank you to Gavin for always being there for me and my family.

Brenda & Francis
Long-service Civil Servant

Known Gavin for about 8 years and was grateful to know him as he had given valuable advice on financial planning and retirement investment for myself and my spouse.

A truly Professional & knowledgeable financial consultant who is not selling insurance policy for the sake of selling and earning commission.

He not only offered great after sales service; he’ll assist you on policy matters even though the policy wasn’t brought from him if you sought his advice. A truly passionate financial consultant whom put his policyholders’ interests above his own.

Kian Guan

Gavin had been helping us with our insurance planning since 2018.

Back then, we were paying very high premiums on our insurance policies that we bought through another advisor. The premiums did not equate to the adequate cover that our family needed. We were looking for solutions for our insurance planning and we were very thankful that we met Gavin.

Gavin was very patient and provided a great listening ear to our needs. He had painstakingly formulated a solution to resolve our issues and had provided much better coverage.

He has in-depth knowledge and great desire to help his clients.

Till today, he will never fail to render help to us when with regards to our claims and enquiries.

We will highly recommended Gavin’s services if you are looking for a financial advisor as he indeed provides exemplary services.

Company director

I first met with Gavin in 2007. I took up two insurances for my son who was 1 year one then and for myself.

He just started his job as an insurance agent for a year or so.

He will explain the terms and conditions on the plans he recommends patiently

Moving on, I gave birth to my 2nd born, we met up and this time to buy a plan for my girl.

All these years, we kept in touch. At times, we will catch up over a coffee session to update my policy and reassess my financial position.

I then introduced him to my late husband who took up a plan.

My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4 in 2016, Gavin came over to my place and comforted us. He also advises and facilitate with my husband claims.

Gavin did his best to act professionally in delivering his job as a financial advisor , time to time he would message us asking about my husband’s wellbeing.

On July 2017, my husband passed on. When I broke the news to Gavin, he was speechless and felt very down. Yes, definitely Gavin has faced this situation more than most of us ever had but due to our close relationship and bonding, I could feel his sincerity towards our family.

When my son turned 21, I called Gavin again for advised. As usual, he will always at his feet to help us all out.

Knowing Gavin for 14 years, I believe Gavin can go far and be a successful man. He is a patient man who has a very high charismatic attitude and will never say never.

I, as a customer and a friend, will always support and motivate him to achieve his success and dreams. You go all out Gavin. I know you can do it.

Therapy Masseuse

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