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Financial Services Consultant, AFC, AEPP

Clients know me as the Energizer-bunny!

About Edison

Passionate, bubbly, and full of life, Edison Li serves his clients with a fast-paced, serious-yet humourous side that we at Orizal have come to know and love.

What clients say about Edison

Starting out his career in the Air Force, Edison later found his passion in helping and serving people from all walks of life. He later realised his calling was in the financial advisory industry — helping them to make the right financial decisions for a better life.

I first met Edison last year, he absorbed me into his client list upon the retirement of my ex-agent.

I was skeptical at first, thinking that he was only interested in selling more insurance package to me.

Bluntly, I told him that I would not buy any more insurance policy. We chat for a while and I felt that he is sincere in his service attitude even though there might be no benefit to him.

He suggested that we meet up once a year at least for a review, I agreed, doubting that he would follow up.

We met up again last night and had a hearty chat. After the second meet up, I acknowledged his sincere and profound service attitude.

A promising young agent whom I will gladly recommend to my friends who may needs insurance coverage. Keep up the good work, Edison. All the best.

Ms Michelle Ng
Admin Manager

Edison is professional and knowledgeable in insurance and assets management.

He is patient with his clients and care about their needs.

He is a very friendly and approachable person.

Thank you Edison.

Mdm Irene Tan Ah Boey

Edison is extremely prompt, knowledgeable and efficient.

Anytime I have a question he was able to explain things in a simple and concise manner for me to understand.

I will strongly recommend his service!

Mr Lam Wai Mut
Senior Designer

I know Edison for 2 years and he is a friendly and reliable consultant, and yet very professional in identifying the insurance coverage for my long term financial needs.

He also provides me with other stable investment products for my consideration.

He is patient to explain each type of insurance policy and financial portfolio through phone call and face to face meeting.

I recommend others to talk to him for a non obligatory insurance and investment recommendations.

Mr Ronnie Ng
Operations Manager

Not only does he possess a humble and willing to share attitude, he is also very responsive and a detailed-oriented planner.

Over the years, he has helped me understand more of my insurance needs and always willing to spend time to review my portfolio if required.

I’m very thankful for having him as my insurance adviser.

Keep up the good work, Edison!

Mr Tan Peng Liang
Business Analyst

Edison served me for afew years. He worked fast and efficiently on my inquiries and requests. He was also frank and professional to tell the truth and give the alternative when certain policies didn’t meet my expectation.

In latest meeting with Edison last week, I found there’s a big jump in his knowledge, available options and solutions to address my questions and requirements. He can provide a wider range of solutions.

This is definitely good for him and his customers, such as myself.

I believe with his hard learning and customer centered working attitude, Edison will become a good information and solution resource for us.

Mr Wang Wen Jia
Technical Director

Edison is a very hardworking and detail person. He is efficient and timely in his comebacks. He is hunger for success, yet humble.

He is very open and transparent in his dealings, does not pretend he knows all, if he not sure, he will always apologize and seek information on the net research or with his superiors.

I am impress with his approach and even though he is young, I am willing to engage more opportunities with him.

Mr Stanley De Souza

I was being referred to Edison when I was keen to get myself insured.

Despite being young, he is very familiar with the products. He is equipped with remarkable knowledge and he possesses professionalism that an insurance agent should emulate.

If you need to seek advice with regard to insurance matters, don’t look elsewhere but him.

Mr Teo Chin Chai
Senior Executive

I get to know Edison through recommendation from a friend when I have some concerns about my insurance policy.

We managed to get connected and he advised me on the various areas to be addressed to.

When I need some help or advice, he will go that extra mile to get things done.

He is very patient and also shared with me about medical insurance and some investment planning.

I strongly recommend him if you want to know protection and investment planning on the areas to be covered and ways to grow your money.

Do engage him for a non obligation discussion on insurance and investment matters.

Ms Stacy

Edison had assisted me in understanding my insurance plans and shared what plans he think are good and affordable for me.

He is able to answer my enquiry on my plans and explain it in a layman term for me to understand better.

He steps beyond his scope and I think he’s very passionate about his work.

Thanks, Edison!

Ms Hong Chen Ming
Senior Property Officer

Edison is a hardworking guy who is very dedicated to his work. He is friendly and welcoming and is willing to go the extra mile to help clients.

I got into a traffic accident and he actually run through my policy and the claiming process with me thoroughly.

All the processes and submissions are well taken care of by Edison which make things alot easier for a person with a busy schedule like me.

Highly recommend Edison if you are seeking someone who is meticulous and helpful.

Ms Carol Er
Patient Service Associate

Knowing Edison for more than 10 years, he’s a trustworthy and honest person.

When he joined the financial industry, I approached him to review my existing policies.

He is able to explain clearly the areas and concerns to be addressed, shared with me various options on how to grow my money.

He is an advisor that I can trust with, so that I can focus on my work and family.

I genuinely recommend him, if you are looking for advices and opinions on financial matters.

Mr Wong Chi Kit
Senior Research Engineer

Edison is very professional and knowledgeable in insurance as well as assets management.

More importantly, he is really care about the customer’s needs and recommends the most suitable product. Thank you Edison!

Mr Wei Han

Edison has been a sincere and professional advisor for me and my family.

He always deliver great services and sound advices, which I am able to make informed decision to solve my financial need.

Mr Lewis Tan
Sales Engineer

Metup with Edison in a unique way.

Connect with him afew times to provide me advice on financial planning.

He is very helpful, would go the extra mile for his client.

Given the opportunity I would recommend my friends and family to this trustworthy advisor.

Do contact him for a non-obligation discussion.


Mr Teng Wei Jie

I was referred to Edison by my friend when I was looking for insurance for my kids 2 years back.

I find that Edison is patient, hardworking and sincere in helping me find the best insurance. I like that never once he tried to hard-sell me something that I do not need and he is able to value add by helping me understand the different options available.

Would definitely recommend Edison to my friend and family.

Mr Willie Tan
Account Manager

Edison was assigned as my servicing advisor when my previous agent left the company.

A friendly guy who is willing to go the extra mile and share with me on his opinions on my existing policies.

With his expertise, I did seek for his advice about my concern and he is able to provide me with unbiased solutions.

If you do want to get covered and make your money work harder for you, I would strongly recommend you give him a try and hear him out.

Mr Cho Zhi Seng
QHSE Officer

I get to know Edison 3 years back by chance. We do keep in touch & he is always there to advise me in terms of insurance & financial matters. He has become my advisor turnt friends since then. Whenever I need any advice or help he is always there.

If you need any advice or 2nd opinion on insurance or investment matters do engage him for a non obligation discussion.

I strongly recommend him.

Ms Carmen Ng
Accountant Executive

Got to know Edison through Instagram during the circuit breaker period last year 2020. He was very open to sharing with me his ideas and views of the insurance sector and educated me along the way.

Very thankful for him to be willing to share his views over social media platforms.

Mr Randall How
Real Estate Advisor

Edison is assigned to us when our previous agent left 3 years ago.

He immediately reached out to us to introduce himself.

He is such an honest and sincere advisor.

He never hesitate to enlighten us with his knowledge of the various products that are available, and without making us feeling obligated.

His genuine service is truly awesome that we feel so comfortable opening up to him.

We will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable advisor.

Thanks Edison.

Mdm Soon Bee Lan
Personal Assistant to Senior VP, ASEAN

I was assigned to Edison Li for my health/medical insurance policies. We met and he explained his role and scope of work in this professional field.

Subsequently, Edison has followed up on all my medical claims diligently and even helped to file for appeal when my claim was rejected.

He shared certain new financial plans which are relevant to my age group and I am impressed with his systematic and structural approach towards his clients.

His product knowledge is remarkable and knew instantly when I raised a question. For any of my financial or insurance needs, I am certain that Edison will be my ‘go-to’ advisor. Thanks Edison!

Ms Sam May May Florence
Marketing Development Director, SEA

The first time I met Edison to do a review and upgrade of policies for me and my family, I was immediately taken in by his cheerfulness, candidness and attention to detail. He understands there is no one-size fits all portfolio for every individual and thus did a very personalized recommendation for us.

He isn’t pushy and ultimately wants what works best for us while providing us with both his professional and personal advice. It’s the reason why we continue to trust Edison and the services and products he provides. Now with even more products at his disposal, I think he would make an incredible “one-stop shop” for a multitude of financial planning services.

Ms Clare Chai
Customer service

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