It starts with people-first.

We believe that financial solutions begin not on a sheet of paper, but from putting people first and foremost, before everything else.

Nurturing generations of givers.

We're not just operating in the present. We're building a community that goes back to the basics of financial advisory - people helping people get through life with peace of mind.

Relationships are everything.

We put the people we touch above all else. People are our true north, and their needs our top priority.

Actively giving back

We're not just a corporation. We're people serving people. Our outreach events constantly remind us of our mission and values to put others first.

Award-winning service

Our advisors consistently win awards every year, a testament to our commitment and dedication to put others first.

Guided by extraordinary principles

Orizal works on our G.R.A.I.N principles and values: a set of beliefs that guide the way we do everything.



We strive to listen to every little detail and insight to really step in the shoes of our customers and stakeholders, so as to create a service offered by people, for people.


Relationships first

People don’t just buy solutions. They buy solutions backed by people they trust. By putting relationships first, we plant the seeds of trust for generations to come.


Actively giving back

Giving is the highest form of blessing we can undertake in this great cycle of life. We will always look for opportunities to give, only taking what people think we deserve.


Integrity trumps everything

Through transparency, openness and a mindset of giving, we are not just financial solutions providers, but guardians of financial health, entrusted between generations.


Nurturing the next

We believe that life is a great harvest. We strive to nurture and facilitate this cycle so that we stand on the shoulders of our forefathers, instead of having to start from scratch.

A new kind of advisory.

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Seasoned expertise.

Our advisors come from all walks of life, but are bound by a common passion to serve others through their journey. Guided by decades of experience, our people provide the best solutions and options available for every unique individual.

Helping others understand the nitty gritty details; that's what drives me!

Gavin Zheng, Financial Service Manager, ChFC/S , AEPP, MFA

Trusted advice.

Orizal is always giving back and sharing the latest developments in the financial industry. We hold common talks and events to constantly educate the people we meet, so that they go further with peace of mind at every step.

A passion to serve others beyond financial advisory; that's what drives me forward!

Maurice Ong, Financial Services Consultant, AEPP

Inspiring a spirit of giving.

We're always looking to give back. That's why we frequently collaborate with charities, worthy causes, and events to share, bond, and connect.

More than just work

Our advisors are bound by a common desire to serve others. We constantly seek new ways to help; beyond just finance.

Making a difference

We believe in our mission to bring people-first impact to the lives that we get to touch. We're willing to put in the work.

It's about giving back

As advocates of people-first finance, we believe in exploring not just work, but also life. Simply put, it warms our hearts.

Start your career with Orizal

We can't wait to kickstart your limitless career in the financial advisory space.